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Kerala School Sports system is the most structured and extensive local way of sports exposure and development of the youth. Kerala School Sports is one of eminent events happening in the student’s community. Kerala School Sports 2010 was set out in the field with an introduction of a software application that made this great event enliven.

School Sports is conducted at 3 levels: Athletics, Aquatics and Games. Games include Taekwondo, Judo, Wrestling and Chess. This online application has been developed to manage all these seven events starting from sub district to state level.

Previously the data entry part, which includes school registration, entering participants details, remitting fees etc were a chaos at the fest venue every year. But with the introduction of an online system which is expanded up to the state level, all the processes are now made ease, fast and effective. This system not only provides an easy way for data entry but also does the validation part too.

Every school and students would be given a unique identification number to avoid any kind of duplication. The system also generates conspicuous participant cards which include detailed information about the participants.

The system generates the tabulation sheets and score sheets for the judges and the sports committee can simply download the page and use it. Order of events, status of each school, list of participants and even the entire Sports manual can be viewed online. The system also enabled the automation of the result generation process, making it reliable and reusable.

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